Gail Nelson Will Sing Billie Holiday Music in a Fundraising Event – Friday, October 4th, 2019

Gail Nelson – Will return to Durham to sing Billie Holiday (lady Day) music in an Airolina event to help support the Airolina Youth Flight Training and Aviation Career Program.

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About Gail Nelson

Long before Audra McDonald’s performance “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill” on Broadway there was Durham North Carolina native Gail Nelson performing an original version of “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill” directed by her late husband Danny Holgate. She performed this show throughout the US east of Mississippi and if you were fortunate enough to see her in this performance you may have thought you were listening to and seeing Billie Holiday in person.

*Ms. Nelson will be accompanied by the 14 member North Carolina Jazz Ensemble*

The program will be held at the:
Rhythms Live Music Hall
2020 Chapel Hill Road
Durham, NC 27707

Friday, October 4th, 2019
SHOW TIME is 8:00 PM

Due to the lack of time we are only selling the $40 dinner/show ticket.  People need to be informed that they need to be present between 6:30 and 7:00 pm to receive dinner prior to the show.

*Don’t Miss This Special Musical Event*

In 1969 Warren Wheeler began to “Pass It On” to men and women who, like him, worked to break the color barrier for pilots in the airline industry. Captain Wheeler was one of the first ten African American men to be hired as a pilot by our nation’s commercial airlines. Please read about the success of Retired Boeing 777 First Officer Shirley Suber, who logged flight hours at Wheeler Airlines at RDU and went from Flight Attendant to being the First African American Female Pilot for United Airlines!

Help us “Pass It On”.

The Airolina Young Aviators Program (AYA) is an aviation STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program for high school students in Durham, North Carolina, often from under served families. The program, led by current and retired commercial pilots, provides professional introductory flight training, mentorship and a Basic (Private) Pilot Certificate.

“Pass it On”

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The artist who produced this CD has made copies available to Airolina Music and Flight Support, Inc, free of charge. It is to be provided to anyone contributing $20 or more. All contributions will be used to support the Airolina Youth Aviator Career flight training program.

We have selected “pass it on” as the theme for our youth program. For our program it simply means current and retired commercial pilots passing on the opportunities and training that they had to a new generation of youth. Our “Pass it On” theme song is performed by Lynette Barber.

View all tracks and some videos below, to support this most worthy program.

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You may also purchase CDs in person (cash or check only) at the Hayti Heritage Center, 804 Old Fayetteville Street, Durham, North Carolina.

Track List:

Jazz and Inspirational Music with Hope for U. S. and the World

“One Day At A Time” (4:52)
Artist(s): Tom Browne – Trumpet
Elijah Fox- Peck, keyboard/arrangement
Lynnette Barber-vocals, Ed Moon-double bass
Written by: Marijohn Wilkin, Kris Kristofferson

“Until I Looked Into Your Eyes” (4:24)
Artist(s):Lynnette Barber
Elijah Fox- Peck, keyboard/arrangement
Lamont Blackmon-Guitar,
Michael Oda Drums
Written by: Morris Mark
Publisher: Caribbean Wings, Inc.

To understand the way we interpret this song
imagine the singer is a soldier returning from
Iraq or Afghanistan with severe PTSD and friends
reaching out trying to help her.

“Pass It On” (4:58)
Artist(s): Lynnette Barber
Tom Browne Trumpet, Fred Mason-Organ
Warren Wheeler Keyboards
Written by: Kurt Kaiser/Capitol CMG Publishing

“What A Wonderful World” (4:00)
Artist(s): Bobby Hinton with: The Martin Luther King
Jr. All-Children’s Choir, Stan Hoffman – Saxophone,
Ed Moon – Double bass, Warren Wheeler – Keyboard
Written by: George David Weiss, George Douglas,
Bob Thiele, De Vone Adagio
Publisher: Range Road Music, Inc.,
Quarted Music Inc.
Image Sounds OBO Abilene Music LLC

“Always On My Mind” (5:06)
Artist(s) Lynnette Barber,
James (JB) Brown Saxophone
Elijah Fox- Peck, keyboard, Ed Moon-Bass
Written by: Mark James, John JR. Christopher,
Wayne Thompson

“Teach The Children” (2:56)
Artist(s): Lynnette Barber with:
God’s Men of Harmony
Warren Wheeler: Piano and Writer
Publisher: BMI W. Wheeler Music

“Reach Out” (4:25)
Artist: God’s Men of Harmony
Tony Chambers – Saxophone
Written by: Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier,
and Eddie Jolland
Publisher: Stone Agate Music Corp.

“Morning Has Broken” (3:450)
Artist(s): Tom Browne
with Bertrom Curtis – keyboards
Written by: Farjeom
Publisher: Oxford University Press

“Prayer From The Saxophone Player” (5:04)
Artist: Tony Chambers
Written by: Tony Chambers

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” (4:35)
Artist: God’s Men of Harmony
Written by: Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammer

“There’s Just Too Much Trouble” (:55)
Artist(s): Lynnette Barber
By: Warren Wheeler / BMI W. Wheeler Music

“Let There Be Love” (2:36)
Artist(s): Lynnette Barber with:
The Martin Luther King Jr. All-Children’s Choir
Written by: Dave Billbrough
Licensor (USA): Capitol CMG Publishing

“Free Will” (4:39)
Artist: Warren Wheeler – Keyboards and
Stan Hoffman – Saxophone
John Simonetti – double bass, Michael Oda – drums
Written by: Warren Wheeler
Publisher: BMI W. Wheeler Music