Flight Training

Flight Training Program

The Airolina flight training program is available to high school students in Durham, North Carolina. Preference is given to students from low-income families. This comprehensive four-year flight-training program begins in 9th grade.

First Year Training

Ground School classes and flight simulator classes for 9th graders (14-15 year olds). Orientation flights in aircraft will be provided.

Students will engage in STEM education projects to begin preparing for their private pilot licenses.

Second & Third Year Training

A first class medical examination will be given to ensure eligibility for a future commercial pilot certificate. A student pilot certificate will be issued at that time provided a first class medical is granted. Additional ground school classes and flight simulator classes will be provided and flight training in aircraft will be provided.

Students will be given their private pilot license written exams during this phase of the program.

Fourth Year Training

Aircraft flight training hours will be accumulated through training given by FAA certified professional flight instructors. This will prepare students to take their FAA pilot license flight examinations and receive their pilot licenses.

Students seeking a career in commercial aviation will apply to a 4-year aviation university programs. Their FAA private licenses will be an impressive accomplishment on their college applications, and their AYA mentors should be able to provide valuable references for scholarship applications.



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